“This is my affirmation, because I am ready for love…“

Early feedback and support by: Disclosure, Amine Edge & Dance, Kolombo, Monte, NT89, Citizen, Boris Dlugosch, The Mekanism, Hannah Wants, Copy Paste Soul, Dayne S & many more!

Scars are healed. Expose yourself. Let go. That’s why: We are READY 4 LOVE! ENNIO‘s debut has shown us the way – opened our hearts. Love is what brought us together.




ART DIREKTION: Finn Bohn [Exposure Music]
ARTWORK: Ellen Holthaus
PRODUKTION: ENNIO, mat.joe, Rainer Weichhold, BE//LA, Sui Generis, Quiet&Listen, ManooZ, Kilian
MASTERING: Kilian Bohn [Exposure Music]